The Ten Commitments: Ludo

1 - 31 October 2017

French artist Ludo returns to The Garage with ‘The Ten Commitments’, an exhibition & tattoo parlour featuring 10 original artworks & 10 tattoos, with tattooing taking place centrally in the gallery through the exhibition.


Part of The Garage family, Ludo is known for his nature and technology hybrids that display his dystopian yet romantic musings through his impeccable hand. ‘Every day I cross people with wishes and dreams, but how many of them have goals they are truly willing to commit to?’ asks Ludo.


Taking the rose as its central emblem, ‘The Ten Commitments’ uses this iconic symbol to explore the promises we make to ourselves & those around us. Going a step further, the show provides the chance to make a promise, a personal pact or the opportunity to go for it by having a Ludo artwork inked permanently on your skin. Like the original artworks on show, each tattoo is unique, with Ludo choosing a different placement of his signature green for each tattoo given.